Month: July 2019

Custom logo design costs and what you’re getting for your money

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Everyone knows that you must have a logo. You can get your company up and running just fine without one, but you’re eventually going to need one.

Finding a great logo designer and price can be tricky. Companies pay big money for logos; Best Buy spent a very high dollar amount on their logo and its so simple. Its starting from blank canvas and creating something professional, unique and dynamic.

To understand if you’re getting what you paid for, here are some key things to look for when choosing a logo designer:

  1. The artwork can be enlarged to be used on, banners, trade show booths and more without loosing quality
  2. Designs that are not overly complicated: Very detailed designs often tend to lose their “oomph” when used in smaller situations.
  3. Google Real Estate Company, how many logos are their with rooftops? Overused trends can make your brand too much like everyone else when you want to stand out.
  4. A generic Letter logo can work great, if it tells the story of your brand. Something that tells others something about your business.