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DVK Designs is a Boca Raton SEO Company offering a fully managed SEO service, with campaigns for local seo services up to large scale ecommerce sites looking for more competitive keywords. These SEO services are custom built for your company and designed to bring traffic to your site.

With our managed SEO plans you get an advanced custom strategy that maximizes your traffic with strategic keywords.

1) First, we identify keywords that you are already ranking for and move you up to see a quick increase in traffic.

2) Advanced research is done into the industry and the words that generate the most amount of traffic. We then target those keywords with to maximize your traffic.

The devil is in the details

Our Managed SEO service will do wonders for you business over the next year and beyond. This is not a pay-for-lead type marketing service. This is an investment and will have permanent effects on your rankings.

Dedicated Management: We start every morning and dedicate ourselves to your business and your rankings. The better that you do, the better we do.

Monthly Ranking Results Meeting: 100% Transparency – Every month a meeting is scheduled to go thru what was done that month and discuss results from previous efforts.

100% Customized Strategy: Every plan is customized and managed for all the dynamic changes that take place in the world of SEO.

Monthly SEO Packages include the following services. How much time we can spend on these services is based on budget.

Local SEO Services

Local Monthly Mojo Package – Great for local MAP rankings.

Managed SEO

Brand Recognition Package – Great for Higher Traffic Keywords

Managed SEO (advanced)

For Ecommerce or Much Larger Search Area

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