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Did you know it is illegal to use drone footage filmed without an FAA certified drone pilot?

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I was speaking with a potential business owner a few weeks back and I mentioned to her that I offer drone services. “I have a drone!” she proclaimed. Being the honest hardworking person that I am, I explained to her the problems with using drone footage for her company without having the proper clearances from the FAA.

Here is what you should ask yourself:
Does the pilot of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) know exactly how high they can fly?
Do they know if they should be flying at all?
Have the proper safety precautions been put in place?
When should you contact the airport, if you are performing operations in their airspace?
How do I know I am far enough away from said airport?
Do private airports count?

All of the answers to these questions are crucial in determining a safe and legal drone operation. Without the proper clearance from the FAA a pilot can not possibly know if they are performing a commercial video or photo shoot safely and legally.

At DVK Designs we are FAA certified Drone Pilots. We are aware of all the safety procedures and hazards that can effect a shoot.

Drone Photography Services For Your Business

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5 reasons why drone photography services for your business is a great idea.

The drone industry is rapidly expanding because of the advantages of drone photography. It seems like every time you turn on a house remodeling show on TV there are multiple aerial scenes used over and over. They’ve also even been known to save a life or two.

    1. Drone technology is very affordable: Aerial photography was once extremely expensive, you needed a helicopter or crane. Today drones are proving useful in many different kinds of industries: because of the lower cost and time involved. Video is fast becoming a key ranking factor for business.
    2. South Florida is a great location: The climate in Florida makes it absolutely great for aerial images. The climate offers the kind of weather that helps us consistently capture that wow factor and attract out-of-state interest. The many colors of Florida are sure to make real estate aerial photos pop. Florida has some very well maintained property and you can really show off the beauty from a whole new point of view.
    3. Drones are so very special: As bidding for projects becomes increasingly difficult, get a leg up on your competition by introducing more videos on your company website and social media.
    4. Safety and Pre-caution: Thankfully the guidelines from the FAA help keep things legal and safe while also providing flexibility for the industry.
    5. Popularity: Commercial drone usage is gaining momentum and has become a major topic of debate, as multiple industries are working with drones as part of their daily regular business functions. The expected annual growth rate of 19% between 2015 and 2020.

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