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With Social Distancing quickly becoming the new norm, Custom Floor Decals can help keep your customers and employees safe.

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With our Custom Floor Decals you can add signage, advertising, or imagery to the floor of your business, home or event. Floor decals apply smooth, stick great and are slip resistant. Printed on 3M Controltac vinyl and laminated with a non-skid floor laminate you can bet the quality is going to be great. Order any shape including circles, rectangles and squares. We add rounded corners to ensure the decals do not peal up easily.

Floor Graphics

  •  Can be displayed indoor or outdoor
  •  Peel and stick for easy installation
  •  Durability rating – 5 years

3M™ 40C Controltac™ Print Film

  • Intermediate, 3 mil removable vinyl film with advanced repositionability
  • Comply™ adhesive for fast, easy bubble-free installations
  • Provides slideability, tack and snap-up
  • Versatile film for general signage, walls, and indoor floor graphics
  • Gray adhesive for great hiding power