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Why you still need a website developer after purchasing a theme

This afternoon I was at the gym and I happened to glance down at my email. “An important security update”, I read to myself. “Abandoned WordPress Plugins”! what? Then I thought some people who I have met over the years of been building websites and running on themes are now and at any point in the future majorly vulnerable?

It happens to us all, we think we can DIY everything, when in fact there are certain things to leave to the professionals. For instance, unless you are a roof contractor, you leave roofing to roof contractors. Taking shortcuts in the beginning can save you a ton of money up front I understand. In Web Design, taking shortcuts can be more devastating when your successful business has to shift their primary online business operations because of an abandoned plugin.

I have never built a website that didn’t need lots of maintenance. Things change, business’s change and websites change; At some point you need a developer. In my opnion it is less expensive in the long run to either hire a developer once or retain his services on a monthly basis.

I hope that you become to busy to maintain your website, I think you would rather worry about running your business. If and when that happens, please call me 754.229.6987