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A company’s logo is the company’s identity and a critical aspect of business marketing. A logo anchors a company’s brand and becomes the single most recognizable feature. A well-designed logo is essential if you take your business seriously. Small businesses often try to save money, play it fast-and-loose with logos.

Is your organization a fun? Serious? Innovative? Customers will get an idea of what your company is all about the moment they see your logo! Your logo appears on business cards, websites, trade-show booths and advertising, and a well-designed logo can contribute to business success. On the other hand a quick poorly designed logo can look amateur in turn making your business look amateur. “It’s all about the pin stripes, right?”

A logo should jive well with other aspects of a company’s visual presentation. Generally a logo should help convey information about your brand or at least be designed well.Good logos should be unique, there are myriad choices for color, visual elements and typography so why not?

The most holistic graphic designs believe that “logo” is short for “logotype which is a word written in a stylized way. The trademarked ways Google, Disney, and Coca-Cola are written are all logotypes. Making matters even more confusing are combination logos which contain both text and graphic symbol’s.

DVK Designs can help you answer all of these questions. Here are some interesting facts about logo styles and color.

The 5 types of logos

  • Combination mark (Doritos, Burger King, Lacoste)
  • Emblem Logo (Starbucks, Harley)
  • Lettermark (HBO, IBM, NASA)
  • Pictorial mark (apple, twitter, target)
  • Wordmark (Visa, Coca-Cola, Google)

Color is also one of the most important elements

  • Red – Exciting and Bold
  • Orange – Friendly and Happy
  • Yellow – Confidence
  • Green – Peaceful and Environmental
  • Blue – Trust and Strength
  • Purple – Imagination and Royalty
  • Black – Sophistication and Tradition

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