Custom Design

Welcome to our Custom Design Portfolio, in order to keep our designs unique, we need to find out what makes the business unique. Our clients can customize our designs, these designs are more of what the owner envisioned. DVK Design has developed Web sites one on one for hundreds of clients over the past 15 years. We invite you to browse our online design portfolio to see range of unique Web solutions. Contact us today and see how easy it is to put your business online.

Responsive layouts will look stunning on any device allowing visitors to can check out your work from their laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. We have the knowledge necessary to build you not only a fast website but one that also appears great on mobile devices.

Most Importantly these website examples are level up in the web design world because they are unique. Rather than sticking to the same old WordPress portfolio themes. Of course we could help you hourly on WordPress portfolio themes and they may be a custom solution that your company needs at this point. There is nothing wrong with that!

A simple design is usually best, this is from experience with projects and case studies. A clean, uncluttered design allows important elements to stand out, which should be the main goal of any website. We’ve made a collection of some of our favorite minimal websites featured here.